About WOW! 


World on Wireless Limited (WOW) is a majority Bermudian owned and operated company that launched subscription television services May 31, 2004. As the premier wireless subscription based television provider, we pride ourselves on distributing quality digital programming offering a wide variety of today’s most popular, top-rated networks.

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Our goal is to provide you with the best: the best in customer care, the best in quality and the best in convenience.

Our customers are our number one priority and we recognise our relationship with you is our most valuable asset, so we welcome your inquiries, feedback and comments.

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Our Vision 

To enhance customer satisfaction by evaluating and improving our offering to meet and exceed those expectations

Our Pledge 

• Customer Care Representatives and Service Techs will greet you upon entering our Customer Care Centre or upon arrival at your residence.

• Your calls will be answered promptly in the order it is received. Should our Representatives be busy caring for other customers, our auto attendant will provide you with options to ensure you speak with a representative within 2 hours of your call.

• You will always receive helpful and accurate information, including useful recommendations. If we do not know the answer, we will undertake to find the answer for you.

• We will always follow up on your requests for information in a timely manner and provide you with an answer or the status of your inquiry within 48 hours.

• Your new service will be implemented at a time convenient for you or within 72 hours of receiving your service signup request.

Our Network 


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Q. How does the WOW system work? 

A. WOW receives all television services at our antennae site with a vast array of large, state of the art receiving antennas. The signal is then converted into a digital format for superior signal quality and reliable transmission. The digital signals are “broadcast” from a local transmission tower located at Prospect and received at the subscriber’s home using a small outdoor antenna that feeds your WOW digital TV Set Top Box (STB) or Personal Digital Recorder (PVR) in the home (usually located near the TV). The STB or PVR converts the digital signals for display on a subscriber’s TV set.

Q. Does WOW have an office in Hamilton? 

A. Yes. The WOW Customer Care Centre is located in Washington Mall Phase II on Church Street in Hamilton.

Q. What equipment does the subscriber need to receive WOW’s digital TV service? 

A. In order to receive service, subscribers will be supplied with a small WOW outdoor “yagi type” antenna installed at rooftop level and a digital STB or P VR per television set. Homes near Prospect may only need an indoor antenna.

Q. Will local channels be available on the WOW service? 

A. Currently ZBM, ZFB &, CITV (Government Television) and local weather are available.

Q. Is WOW affected by the weather? 

A. The WOW signal operates in the Ultra High Frequency (UHF) band , which has been used for conventional television transmission for decades, and the signals are generally not affected by weather.

Terms and Conditions

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