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Q. How does the WOW system work?

A. WOW receives all television services at our antennae site with a vast array of large, state of the art receiving antennas. The signal is then converted into a digital format for superior signal quality and reliable transmission. The digital signals are “broadcast” from a local transmission tower located at Prospect and received at the subscriber’s home using a small outdoor antenna that feeds your WOW digital TV Set Top Box (STB) or Personal Digital Recorder (PVR) in the home (usually located near the TV). The STB or PVR converts the digital signals for display on a subscriber’s TV set.

Q. Does WOW have an office in Hamilton?

A. Yes. The WOW Customer Care Centre is located in Washington Mall Phase II on Church Street in Hamilton.

Q. What equipment does the subscriber need to receive WOW’s
digital TV service?

A. In order to receive service, subscribers will be supplied with a WOW 18″ long by 9″ wide outdoor “yagi type” antenna installed at rooftop level and a digital STB or PVR per television set. Homes near Prospect may only need an indoor antenna.

Q. Will local channels be available on the WOW service?

A. Currently ZBM, ZFB & VSB, in addition to ITV (Government Television) and local weather are available.

Q. Is WOW affected by the weather?

A. The WOW signal operates in the Ultra High Frequency (UHF) band, which has been used for conventional television transmission for decades, and the signals are generally not affected by weather. However, heavy rains may affect signals received from certain satellites, but such an interruption is short in duration. Additionally, at certain times of year, satellite signals may be affected by sun spots and during a hurricane WOW may elect to temporarily dismantle its transmitting antenna with reassembly occurring after the storm; however, this will be rare and customers will be pre-advised of such a decision. Any hurricane damage to a subscriber’s antenna will be replaced at no cost.

Q. Can more than one TV be hooked up to the antenna?

A. Yes, several TVs can be simultaneously hooked up to one WOW antenna using conventional indoor coaxial cables and splitters. Each TV does need its own STB or PVR to display different channels. In apartments and condos, a central WOW antenna can be shared where appropriate.

Q. What kind of antenna is required at the home to receive WOW?

A. A custom-made, UHF, “yagi type” antenna, similar in shape to what is used to receive regular TV broadcasts, will be used in a typical situation. The antenna is small and lightweight with an approximate size of 9″ wide by 18″ long.

Q. Can an indoor antenna be used to receive the signals?

A. WOW UHF signals are capable of being received indoors; however, in order to have reliable reception at all times, it is recommended that an outdoor antenna be installed at an above ground location such as the roof top, chimney, or under the eaves.

Q. Is the WOW service available everywhere in Bermuda?

A. Unfortunately, there are “shadow areas” in valleys, at the base of steep hills, or behind large buildings where the WOW signal will not be strong enough for reliable reception. In most cases, this problem can be corrected. WOW signals are available 25 miles out to sea for reception on boats equipped with an inverter.

Q. Is WOW secure? Can unauthorised users receive WOW?

A. Yes, the WOW signals are secure. They will be digitally transmitted so they cannot be displayed without a digital STB or PVR. WOW signals will be encrypted so that only authorized customers can unscramble the picture using their WOW STB or PVR.

Q. Is WOW safe?

A. Yes. WOW is safe. WOW will only use television reception equipment approved by CSA (Canada) and/or UL (US) standards and will only use newly manufactured home equipment under full warranty – not used or refurbished equipment.

Q. Is free and convenient customer care provided by WOW?

A. WOW Customer Care Representatives are available Monday to Friday 8:30am to 5:30pm and Saturday 10am to 2pm, except for public holidays. WOW provides technical assistance Monday to Friday 8:00am to 5:00pm and Saturday 10am to 4pm. In addition, WOW provides after normal work hours support Monday to Friday 5:00pm to 8:00pm.

Q. Is any interference caused by WOW to others (e.g. ZBM, VSB, etc)?

A. No. WOW will not cause interference to other broadcasters, cell phone services, etc. The Department of Telecommunications allocates separate frequencies to each service provider to ensure that interference from one to another does not occur.